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He said, "Who the hell is Hugo and how's he got million dollars to leave to his mom? Summary: Walt burned down the first raft Michael , attempted to build. Who knows: Michael and Locke After the raft burned, everyone suspected Jin , however, Locke confronted Walt and his response was that he had been moving his whole life, and he didn't want to move anymore, he liked the island. In Translation " Locke assured Walt that he did not suspect him of poisoning his father, just because he knew about the first raft.

Michael told him they could stay if he wanted, but Walt declared that they "have to go". Sawyer's real name was James Ford. Summary: Sawyer 's real name was James Ford. Who knows: Everyone Hurley and Jack knew from reading the manifest, but the name was not spoken. Summary: Michael got sick and Jack determined that someone poisoned his water bottle.

Although Kate and Sawyer were early suspects, Sun was the one who did it, but it was Kate's idea.

Who knows: Jack , Kate Jack confronted Sun , who confessed she didn't want Jin to leave, and "only used enough to make him sick. Jack agreed to not tell anyone. Kate helped Sun's poison attempt. Summary: Kate urged Sun to poison Jin. Who knows: Sun Jack suspected, but Sun told him that it was her alone. Summary: Ana Lucia murdered Jason McCormack for revenge, after he shot her and killed her unborn baby.

Sayid may have guessed her secret from her demeanor, because he said, "What good would it be to kill you, if we're both already dead? Summary: Mr. Eko used to be a feared drug dealer who was known for murders and threats in his homeland of Nigeria. Later he disguised himself, and lived as a priest. Who knows: No one, but probing questions were asked in response to some of his unorthodox actions.

Charlie asked, "What kind of priest are you, anyway?

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Summary: As part of Sawyer 's plan, Charlie attacked Sun , making it look like the Others were becoming more aggressive. Charlie participated in the plan to make Locke look like a fool. Who knows: Sawyer , Sun Charlie and Sawyer discussed the plan in the forest after it was accomplished.

Sawyer promised never to reveal that Charlie was involved. Sun told Sawyer that she wouldn't tell Jin. It is unknown if she or Charlie revealed it to anyone else. Summary: Sun and Jin were tested for infertility. The doctor confided privately to Sun that her husband was infertile. Je-Guy Kim 's revelation.

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Juliet included this bit of information on the recording she left for Ben. Summary: Sun had an affair with Jae Lee. Who knows: Mr.

Wendy Williams To Spill Affair Secrets In Tell-All Book

Paik ; Juliet and Jin knew that Sun had an affair but not with whom. Her father, Mr. Paik, saw them in bed together. Paik asked Jin to kill Jae Lee, Jin was unaware of the affair.

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Summary: Rose had a terminal illness, which she believed to be cured because of the Island. Who knows: Bernard , Locke , Jin Before the crash, Rose told Bernard she was sick, and later after the crash, she told Bernard that the island healed her. Who knows: No one but Libby, not even Hurley. Hurley said, "Do I know you from somewhere? However, Hurley was the last person to board the plane, and Libby was already seated in the back section, so this was a lie.

She did not know Christian was Jack's father. Who knows: No one, not even Ana Lucia understands the significance of her employer. Christian hired Ana Lucia to accompany him on a trip to Australia. It is possible that Ana Lucia did know, since she asked if his father was a drinker, but she chose not to tell Jack.

Summary: Libby met Desmond off the Island, and gave him the Elizabeth.


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Who knows: No one, except for Desmond. Desmond did not know the significance of Libby, as he disappeared before she arrived, and appeared right after her funeral. He was coerced by the Others to free Ben and also to betray his friends by luring Kate , Jack , Sawyer , and Hurley to the Others camp. Who knows: Everyone Sayid worked out Michael's plan and informed Jack. He then sailed around the island in an attempt to help. This caused Walt to become afraid of Michael, and start living with his grandmother in Manhattan. Desmond Crashed Oceanic Flight Summary: After killing Kelvin , Desmond failed to get back to the hatch in time to enter the numbers, causing a build-up in electromagnetic energy which brought down Oceanic Flight Who knows: Everyone After Locke showed Desmond the print-out from the Pearl computer , Desmond realized the correlation between the dates and the System Failure, concluding to Locke , "I think I crashed your plane.

Paik ordered Jin to kill Jae Lee.

'I am broke and living paycheck to paycheck.'

Paik Jin, instead of killing Jae Lee, gave him the option to run away and never be seen again. Jae Lee committed suicide. Summary: Sawyer believes he has a daughter. Paik ordered Jin to kill Jae Lee. Paik Jin, instead of killing Jae Lee, gave him the option to run away and never be seen again. Jae Lee committed suicide. Summary: Sawyer believes he has a daughter. Who knows: Sawyer , Cassidy , Kate Cassidy told Kate she was having baby of the man who conned her , but Kate did not know it was Sawyer.

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Summary: On the Elizabeth , Sun shot Colleen , who later died. He did this in front of Kate. Summary: Juliet asked Jack to kill Ben during the tumor removal operation through a video tape. Who knows: Jack , the Others The video zoomed in on Juliet without her adjusting the camera, so presumably at least one other person assisted her in the filming. Jack told Tom who also told Isabel , but Jack later said that he was lying. Ben is not Alex's biological father. Summary: Ben and the Others kidnapped Alex from Rousseau.

Ben told Alex that her mother had died, so she never knew. Who knows: Everyone All the survivors knew this from Rousseau. Due to Pryce, it also seems that at least the majority of Others knew of this. Alex finally found out when Ben was captured in front of Rousseau, with Rousseau just blankly staring at her. Ben finally told her the truth. Christian Shephard is Claire's father. Summary: Christian had an affair with Carole Littleton , who gave birth to Claire nine months later. Who knows: Christian , Carole Littleton , Lindsey , Jack Claire didn't make the connection that Jack was her brother yet, since Christian never told her the name of his son.

In addition, Christian never told Claire his own name. Summary: Naomi the parachutist crash landed on the island, and was found by Desmond , Charlie , Hurley and Jin. She was treated by Mikhail and brough back to camp, but they didn't tell Jack because they didn't trust him anymore.

Watch Out, Kevin! Wendy Williams To Spill Affair Secrets In Tell-All Book

Who knows: Everyone Desmond brought in Sayid one of the few people they could trust to question Naomi " The Brig " Kate stumbled upon Sayid fixing a new satellite phone and questioned where it came from, but ended up telling Jack anyway, with Juliet. Summary: After being led to the Black Rock by Locke in order to kill Ben Sawyer discovered Anthony Cooper and in a fit of rage strangled him to death which Locke thanked him for.

Who knows: Locke , Richard Alpert. He also helps Ben destroy them. Ben tells Locke that he is right that he is a compulsive liar, and starts off by telling him that he was a member of DHARMA and killed them all.