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I entered Harvard thinking I would change dramatically and become a new person, driven by new goals, and truly find out who I would be.

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It created a sense of frenetic awkwardness in me for a few days, being unable to decide what I wished to do. Why, then, am I so apprehensive? This uncertainty must run deeper in our community than we realize. I used to think the stereotype of everyone going to Harvard, graduating, and entering a lucrative career in either finance or consulting was just that: a stereotype.

There are many students who pursue such life goals and find fulfillment and enrichment in their lives. How can I begin to serve others if I know not how best to serve myself? I only hope that I will succeed.

Razor's edge

But as much as I love the movie, I can see why audiences disliked it. It doesn't give any easy answers. I'm sure the celebration of Larry over Isabel wasn't easy for many to digest. It could easily be seen as against having a secure life and owning nice things it's really not but if you were sensitive about your lifestyle you could see it as an attack perhaps Maybe a little too metaphysical.

But honestly I wish everyone loved this movie, it's so beautiful and important. And Larry should give even something to at least consider. Brent, I am surprised more folks didn't love this movie too. I think we like to imagine ourselves as more spiritual and less materialistic than we are, so why not get on board with the movie?

I mean plenty got on board with Brando in On the Waterfront. I guess as a culture we prefer Cinderella stories. But there are no fairy godmothers and castles are drafty and damp. Don't you wish we could get over it? I don't really buy Cinderella stories but it's the American dream you know. That's one area where i think people reading the book would feel less threatend as Maugham uses himself as the focal point of the story, so we can admire Larry just like he does without feeling "accused.

The thing that bother's me though is that Larry doesn't judge anybody else. He remains great friends with Gray, and clearly cares a great deal for Elliot. I think it's the idea that someone could decide to dismiss convention entirely to follow their own belief that is perhaps upsetting, probably most to those who see the trap but don't want to recognize it.

I love that Bill Murray invested so much of himself in this movie and it shows in the performance.

I just wish it hadn't ended up being such a painful experience, but then again that's also part of what the movie's about. It continues to find an audience too! Once again, you've picked a real dark horse of a movie, and a winner at that. I'm not surprised it didn't do better at the box office.

Murray had not at that time to my knowledge done a totally dramatic role on film, let alone one as delicate to portray properly as Larry Darrell. I agree he does a spellbinding job I think the fact that he did indeed labor so hard to get this film made comes through in his performance; intense but without even a hint of melodrama. I've been a fan of this book for a couple of decades.


Razor's Edge Scholars Program | NSU Office of Student Leadership and Civic Engagement

I'm a huge fan of this movie as well as my long suffering girlfriend will attest having been made to sit through it more than once. In truth, this is not Bill Murray's best work as an actor. There are too many times in the movie that his Puckish smirk seems out of place, and for the average Joe or Jane that never read the book and went along thinking they would see more of Murray's comic genius, the smirks don't match the content of the scene. It's confusing. What does come through is that these two bohemians did a great job on the screenplay, and it is a tribute to how smart and sensitive Murray really is.

I loved it, warts and all, and any continuity problems with the film I had the pleasure of fixing with my knowledge of the book. Others have quoted the "razor's edge" maxim here, and I would just say that it is also often written "Go big or go home"; that's what Bill Murray did here and I applaud him. Excellent, positive review, Lana. My fav novel and I love this movie version of it.

The Razors Edge

I've watched it countless times. Murray clearly loved the novel.

Razor’s Edge

It's interesting how you quoted it. A movie addict confesses her sins. Separate and equal. And how movies from books usually disappoint people who have read the books first. And sometimes the story of the book is changed for dramatic reasons and our favorite parts go missing or altered beyond recognition. I love books for the way the beautifully assembled words speak to me, connect me to something larger and deeper of the human world, and how I know myself more through reading about the lives of others.

I love movies for the way the images get under my skin and speak directly to my heart, and how the actors make me understand more about humanity and myself, sometimes with little more than the look in their eyes.

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In addition to thinking about book movies, like the last one I talked about— What Dreams May Come —staring Robin Williams, I am thinking about comedians in movies. Most of us have come to think of Robin Williams as a funny man, not as a great actor. And yet, in the right dramatic roles, he is great. Somerset Maugham. There are many changes to the plot, missing characters and scenes in the film version, however it does stay true to the spirit of the book.

On a Razor's Edge:

There was another film done of this story in starring Tyrone Power and Gene Tierney which gives greater emphasis to the female characters. This is one of the all-time greatest films I have ever seen. From this point on, there will be substantial spoilers. Larry Darrell is played with exquisite charm, humor and subtlety by Bill Murray.

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  • Larry is a man that has known a privileged upper class life in middle America. He and his friend Gray upon graduating from college volunteer to be ambulance drivers even before the U. Larry is devastated by what he sees during his time on the battlefield and he can no longer resume the life he once had. He begins on a quest to discover the meaning of life, first at the bottom of a martini glass, then in Paris through books, and finally at a mountain top temple in Tibet.

    The film opens on an idyllic fourth of July picnic.