The Golden Fish

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The cinnabar red fins and the red eye heighten the brilliance of the scales, which look as though embroidered upon the fish. Is it moving?

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Presumably it is, for the seven other fish seem to be running away from it. Calm as a god, it divides the blue element, which is deepest and darkest at the middle, where there is no trace of vegetation.

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Surely there is no reference here to stars or signs of the zodiac, or to other symbols - the goldfish is miraculous in itself, its size and its beauty. Everything is subordinate to it, everything else is present purely for its sake. All Rights Reserved.

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Golden Fish :: Hero of the Kingdom III General Discussions

Red Balloon. They were so poor that they often went short of bread, for the fish he caught were their only means of livelihood. One day when the man had been fishing for many hours without success, he hooked a small gold-fish, whose eyes shone as brightly as diamonds.

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The old man was so moved by his pleadings that he took him off the hook and threw him back into the sea. Laughing merrily at this, for he did not believe that a fish could help him except by providing him with food, the old man went home and told his wife.

The Golden Fish

It was just like your stupidity. We have not a scrap of bread in the house, and now, I suppose, we must starve! Her reproaches continued for so long that though he scarcely believed what the fish had said, the poor old man thought that at least it would do no harm to put him to the test. He therefore hastened back to the shore, and stood at the very edge of the waves.

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The more she had, the more she wanted, and she lay awake planning what they should demand from the gold-fish next. The old man did as his wife bade him, and the moment he called the gold-fish reappeared. He seemed quite willing to grant the new request, and on his return home the old man found a beautiful new wash-tub in the small yard at the back of their cabin. Go back at once, and say that we must have one. The old man was rather ashamed to trouble his friend again so soon; but the gold-fish was as obliging as ever. It would have pleased him greatly had his wife been contented, but she, good woman, did nothing but grumble still.